Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thailand Week 14: Korat

This was my name tag before I blacked out the แ in my name.

Elder Webb... biking with no hands... D:
Selfie game strong.

Eating a burger with Elder Webb... cheehee

Riss! Here's my planner... It even has a secret pocket. :D and in it... is a picture of US! Whooo! Family together 4evahhh



ALOHA family! Yes, my first transfer is coming to an end! In fact, the
office elders are supposed to call us today and let us know if we get
to stay or move to a different area. The actual transfer day is on
Thursday. :) I am pretty sure that I am going to stay with Elder Reid
here in Korat. But, who knows? The Lord will have me serve where I am
needed. :)

Some experiences this past week...

Tuesday night... BUS RIDE TO ร้อย เอ็ด!
Why we're going to ร้อย เอ็ด? Because Wednesday is switch-off day with
the Zone Leaders!
That night we bought our tickets for 9:30pm and hanged around the area
eating bunch of snacks and drinks. I am pretty sure that I gained a
pound or two. Anyways, the bus didn't come to the station until 10ish.
We boarded the bus. Sat in the bus for an hour, waiting for the bus to
leave the station. At 11ish, many people exited the bus and complained
(Especially those that came from Bangkok). Turned out that the engine
of our bus gave up. It wouldn't start. So we left the bus, and hanged
out at the bus station until a back-up bus came. We ended up leaving
at 12 midnight. Yeah.
It seems like ever since I came into Korat, there has been a bunch of
mechanical and electronics problems. Even Elder Reid mentioned that.
Haha. Yay me.

Them Zone leaders are awesome! They are just full of energy and
happiness! I had the opportunity to be companions with Elder Webb.
He's super chill, humble and HAPPY! We were able to visit many
less-active members, investigators and go inviting! It was so fun
inviting. It was a very productive day. :)

Lunch at the Bishop's place
We visited the Bishop and his wife (Brother อำนวย drove us again)! His
place is huge! We ate spaghetti (AMERICAN STYLE!!!). It was very
delicious. :) We had a nice chat and testimony session. We definitely
see the bishop's great love towards everyone. :)

Miracle Investigator! Her name is Sister มยุริ. She was a street
contact that I met at a nearby mall. She said that she has been to the
church before for some sort of sewing activity and she was interested
in learning about Jesus Christ. :) So we had an appointment with her
on Thursday. We had an amazing lesson. We taught about the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Given the opportunity to finish of with "enduring to the
end", I also shared my testimony and... invited her to be baptized!
She said..."Of course, that's why I came here today." Hahaha. We gave
her a Book of Mormon and agreed to meet again this Tuesday (tomorrow).
What's cool about Sister มยุริ? We followed up with her on Friday, the
day after our lesson, and asked about her prayers and reading. To our
expectation, she has been praying and reading. BUT BUT BUT She said
that she was halfway through the Book of Mormon! How cool is that! She
read half of the Book of Mormon in one day! She's probably finished
with it already. :) She's awesome. I really hope I'll be here next
transfer to witness her baptism.

Saturday was slow, but Sunday was lovely. The Sabbath day is always great. :)

In regards to the package that you guys have sent... I'm EXCTIED!!!
I don't know if the package came in yet... and won't know until I
return to Bangkok! But I just realized that If Elder Reid and I don't
transfer anywhere new, we won't be going to Bangkok until the end of
the my 2nd transfer! D: Hahah. It's okay. I'll figure something out or
wait for another 6 weeks. :)

Here's my favorite scripture of the week!
Doctrine and Covenants 25:12 - "For my soul delighteth in the song of
the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it
shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads."
I had the wonderful opportunity to sing a lot yesterday...  in return
I felt AWESOME! :D

Hope everything is well at home. I love you guys! <3

Elder Santecooooo is OUT!


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