Sunday, June 5, 2016

Transfer #2, Thailand Week 15: Korat

I dared her to sing a Justin Bieber song. :D

Transfer Numbah 2


TRANSFER! Here I am... in Korat. :) I am staying in Korat with Elder
Reid. Funny story, we were supposed to get our transfer call on Monday
evening. But it wasn't until Elder Reid sent a text to the AP asking
about the transfers (Tuesday evening). Moments later, the APs called
us and told us that they accidentally skipped Korat. Hahaha.

You want to know something cool? I woke up at 5:30 almost every
morning... like boss. Woke up early, studied early, just so that we
could get more lessons and inviting sessions in during our proselyting
time. It worked out well. :) The work here in Korat is great.

Language? It's good. :) Progression is a process that had to start
from somewhere.

Stake Conference!
It was fun. Learned a lot. A great boost in my desire to do the Lord's work. :)

We took a bus ride with the members to ร้อย เอ็ด! This bus reserved
just for the members and we were able to tag along for the ride. :)
Guess what the members did during the ride? Karaoke!!! They sang all
the way to ร้อย เอ็ด, and us sisters and elders couldn't participate.
Oh the torture!! There were several times where while I was reading my
scriptures, I just had to sing along... *Sorry President Johnson* But
hey! They played several Thai songs that I was very familiar with. One
of the songs is on a dvd that we have back at home, it's the one with
all the Thai people on a school bus driving around like crazy (very
similar to Grease). Another one was "Pretty pretty boy...", and the
last one was the first Thai song that I learned on the piano! Thanks
to Mac and Mei for teaching me it!(I'll attach a video of me "singing"
along) :D

Stake Conference was in Thai. I was able to catch on to main points
though. :) Here are some things that I understood.
- Christ is the example that we are to accept and follow.
- When we choose the right, we are following Christ.
- Every commandment has its blessings. SO KEEP ALL THE COMMANDMENTS! :D

This past week, it has been great. It was this past week that Elder
Reid said to himself... "This transfer has been missing something...
it's me having fun." Ever since, Elder Reid and I are just having a
blast! And amazingly, it has made our productiveness much more
effective. :)

Cool things that I learned about Elder Reid... He is a musical genius.
He introduced the key-tar back in his HS days during football games
and marching bands. He also created/composed music for his HS.
annndddd He played the piano for stake conference. What a beast.

I am glad for the opportunity to be Elder Reid's last companion before
he dies. It'll be a good one. :)

I love this work. It's amazing. It has increased my ability to love,
serve and care for others.
I know that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three Beings but
are as One. This Gospel is true. The Atonement is real. It is only
though our Savior, Jesus Christ that we are able to receive eternal
life. I know that my family will be together forever. In the name of
Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you guys. :) I may say it too often, but I truly do mean it.
Thank you for everything!

- Elder Santeco

Here's a scripture for Family Home Evening. Have a great discussion!
:) 3 Nephi 27.

We ate some ice cream. This is Sister มด. She's going to be a missionary someday! :D

- 7's dinner. Included some Lycie(I don't know how to spell it) flavored soda.
- Dinner at Sister มด's place...

- Some soup to gooooo! เพราะว่าผมไม่มีเวลา.

- Since Jesse is soooo tall.. I'm drinking milk in hope to grow taller. LOL

- This pic is for Riss and Marvy! DONT EAT PANDA'S! Hahah

- This was our bus! :D

- It poured last night. And it flooded the roads... Elder Reid and I
took a walk around the neighborhood. Hahah.

- Took out my camera, took a picture of the sky ^^^^... This was the
outcome. Artsy ahh?... Don't worry.. I dried up the camera. :D

This song sounds very similar! I'm pretty sure we have this song at home! :)


- The first piano song I learned.

- Elder Reid's face!!!! Hahahahhaha

- Me "Singing"... the first Thai song I learned on the piano.

- Had to stop singing... so I did some alternating crunches. :D

I didn't write much about today... and why I emailed late... but Elder
Reid did.. "Today was not quite the relaxing P-Day we expected it to
be, complete with people graffitiing the church, members asking for
money, investigators randomly showing up to be taught, and
registration for BYU, so this will likely be a
pictures-speak-a-thousand-words sort of email."...
I pray that the person that graffiti-ed would eventually repent and
come back to become a member. Hahha. :)

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