Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thailand Week 18: Korat

Happy Late Father's Day!

I love you dad. I am sure mommy was happy to spoil you with some
delicious food! :)
Here in Thailand, they don't really celebrate mothers/fathers day, but
I was thinking of introducing it to the members and start the
tradition with chocolate/food/etc. :)
Thanks dad for everything! The biggest Christlike attribute that I see
within you is LOVE. You love everyone.. and it so happens that
everyone loves you. Thank you for being a leader by example. :)
Uncle PJ and TJ, I hope that you guys also had a lovely Father's day
to be around your family. :)

Sorry for not emailing last week. It was a LONG day. We traveled to
ลพบุรี (Lopburi) and the  traveling time was about 7 hours total. It
was longggg. (During the ride going to ลพบุรี, the car's tire popped and it was shredded up like crazy! We drove to the nearby pit stop on
the flat tire, and it was fixed within 30 minutes or so. Then we
continued on our ride to ลพบุรี. :) Yeah. What's so special about
ลพบุรี? There are monkeys!!!! Most of them were nice, some tried to
attack me, one almost stole my camera, and one drank my water. Hahaha.

- Monkey drinking from my water bottle.

We then met with Elder Reid's RC's and hanged out with them for the rest of the day. It was fun. :) I got a lot of sleep during the rides.

I haven't eaten the corned beef yet. But I have been eat the noodles
and chips! They are AWESOME. I miss american food. Hahah. Today, I'll
be going to Tesco (That's what some Thai's call me... Elder.Tesco!) to
buy some garlic and onions. :)

Sorry, don't have a lot to share but the fact that I LOVE IT HERE.
Miracles happens. :) Next week we'll be having a baptism for บ.ไช and
ซ.สี. They are awesome! :) บ.ไช was a former investigator from 2 years
ago that we picked up last transfer. He would constantly be out of
Korat and unavailable to meet with us, until these past several weeks.
We were able to finally teach him along with his caretaker, ซ.สี. They
were both very interested in learning with us. They both accepted
every commitment we extended and already love the changes that they
have made in their lives. :) They are set up for happiness. Now and
forever. :)

Mom. I never realize that you wrote on the back of a picture that came
in the care-package! While I was in ลพบุรี, I just happened to look
through the pictures that were on me... And I saw your letter! Thanks
for the beautiful testimony.

Thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ, life is always lovely.

 I know that my family WILL be together forever. :)

Love you guys! Thanks for everything! Love you Dad, Mom, Marvy ( along
with TJ and Behbeh Trey), Marisa, Jesse, Uncle PJ, Aunty Nuj, Mac, and
Mei! :) And especially Cali. Haha.

Elder Santeco

Have you guys watched the cute lds children videos!? They are awesome!
They are the new children's bible videos.
We have been using these videos for English classes and it's great! :)

- Baby Monkeys are awesome.

- This is บ.คลัง. He is the mother of them monkeys.

...After almost being attacked by monkeys, I was scared to stand
nearby them. LOL. I'll get a picture with monkeys eventually. :)

- This monkey was a poser.

- Artttt

Had a fantastic burger on Saturday. It was expensive... but was so
worth it! Hahah. I needed to treat myself someday.... LOL

Monkeys are gathered together to preach of the gospel. :D

I love burgers. :)

ผมรักทุกคน :D Especially you.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thailand Week 17: Korat

We didn't get any emails from Elder Santeco this Sunday. Turns out he went sightseeing with other Elders. Thank you Instagram and members for posting photos and videos.
Here are some photos and videos from the IG :)


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thailand Week 16: Korat


Mabuhay! I love you guys. :)

It is amazing that everything is always based off on faith. As long as
we keep the faith and hope that God will provide a way to do His work,
it will happen.

This past week has been quite an adventure.

- Went to ร้อย เอ็ด... again. We had a zone training so that following
morning we let ร้อย เอ็ด and headed to กาฬสินธุ์! The land of the
Dinosaurs! Elder Reid and I were able to take several pictures. :)
Training was great. The zone leaders helped me understand that God is
the one that is making all of this happen! I am just an instrument of
the Lord. It was a very humbling experience.

Oh! And the zone leaders gave me my package! I loved everything!!!
Especially the letters. *sigh* The Lord is good man. :) I am glad that
all is well at home.

I'll be cooking ramen and corned beef pretty soon. Hahaha.

I love miracles.
This past week, I felt a powerful spiritual prompting. The Holy Ghost
telling me to be brave and courageous at all times(specifically during
inviting and calling investigators/members)!!! It was an intense
feeling. I was hesitant at first but I followed the prompting.
We only had one inviting session this past week due to our busy
schedule. But it was awesome! During the 2 hours of inviting, I was
able to talk to have many open conversations. I never saw myself being
able to communicate with khon Thais or having a decent conversation
with them. But I did it and because I followed the prompting of the
Spirit, I was able to receive 20 numbers/potential investigators.The
following day, I again felt the prompting to call them. Initially I
offered Elder Reid to call them but he obviously turned down the
offer. I then called all of the numbers. Out of the 20 numbers, I was
able to set up appointments for two of the potential investigators. I
should also mention that 4 of the numbers were fake. Hahah. I love the
work. It's great.

"Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every
creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish;
yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless
torment did cause them to quake and tremble." - Mosiah 28:3

I read this talk today. Loved it. If you have nothing to do... Read it. :)

There's so much happening and I am loving every minute of it. I love
God. I love His Gospel. I love everything and everyone in the world.

Mom, Dad, Marvy, Marisa, Jesse... Thank you for being a weird/awesome
family. :) Haha. I love you guys. Family Together Forever.

Much love,

Elder Santeco

Visited Brother จิ๋ว on Tuesday (He had a surgery on his leg). Brother
โอ๋ took us. :) We went sight seeing along the way. Oh! and Brother โอ๋ drew those pictures..

More stops along the way.

I'll be riding dinosaurs like a boss

I'll be preaching on my orange dino yo.

... oh yeah.

Pics from E. Reid's Camera

sister mon.. has an older sister that will be room mate with elder
Reid's sister at byuh...SO COOL

I was surrounded by all these people that I don't know. Hahaha.


Love you guys! Have a lovely week. :)