Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 6: MTC

1. Rice! I love rice. 

2. Found this note in my bag the other day. I passed it on. :)

3. Easter Day. Therefore, we decorated our cookiesss!!
4. Here is my cookie. It's me. Haha.

1. Old Pic. Pic with zone leaders.

2. Chooochoooo... we going to temple square


4. Mormon Tabernacle.. AKA General Conference Place Thingy.  I'm SO EXCITED TO WATCH GC this week! :)

5. New Screen Saver for our phone

Sawadee krap! pen yang rai banj?
I want to learn the Thai characters on the keyboard, but really.. I think it'll take a while for me to get used to it before I can actually say what I want to say. :)

There's less that 3 weeks left!!!!!

Ma, Uncle PJ, Aunty Nuj...
You guys can send me emails with Thai Script. I believe the one thing that really helped me understand Thai Script is just reading it constantly. Lately I have been reading out of the Book of Mormon, and although it may take 5 minutes to read a verse (not including the amount of time searching up the definition of the words), I am beginning to understand Thai so much easier. It also helps me with understanding the sentence grammar and I think that's one thing I really need to work on. So, yeah. Feel free to send me Thai emails!:)

Uncle, Aunty... I hope you guys take the opportunity to visit the church whenever you can. :) Just to feel the uplifting spirit. :)

As for my travel flight, I haven't received it yet. I haven't even got my visa back. I'm assuming that they give it back to us on the day we leave the MTC, probably just to avoid the issue of "lost passports"... Haha. When I arrive in Thailand, I'll be sure to smile and say ALOOOOHAAA and my sawadee greetings! :)

Dad- I haven't ran into any of your friends. Probably because I just eat and leave. Haha. Would you tell me their names? That way I can be on the lookout for them. :) Or I can just ask for them. Haha.

This Easter was quite a journey! At least for me and my companion. Whew. "STORYYY TIME!" 
This past Saturday, one of our new missionaries was sick. My companion and I did not know until later at night... at 10:15pm. His companion requested assistance for a blessing, so helped out. We had the opportunity to give him a blessing and afterwards take him to the hospital. We left the MTC at 10:30pm. When we arrived at the Hospital, there were many people! I knew that we were in for a long night. While we waited and pondered on the thoughts of Easter/Resurrection/Atonement of Jesus Christ, I noticed a deaf couple sitting nearby the information desk. ASL opportunity! I was prompted to talk with them. The longer I waited, the stronger the prompting became. My companion as well as the new missionaries constantly motivated me to not miss this opportunity. My companion and I went ahead and addressed the couple. I was able to learn about them. From how they met, then how they got married. I also asked about the husband's condition with his back pain. It was bad, I felt horrible as he lets out a small scream in regards to his back pain. I eventually got to ask them about the Church. They're members but not active members. Right then, I asked them if I could share a message with them. They said yes.

"I know that Christ is Real. I know that Christ loves you (two). I know that through Christ, we will receive a perfect body. I know that through Christ, all of our pains will be taken away. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." They expressed their gratitude for the testimony. I then asked them if they needed help, to just let me know. :) 
On wards to the journey... Elder Sele (the sick one) had a x-ray, was given medicine.(This whole process took a long time) Then we were able to go back to the MTC... we arrived at the MTC at4am on Sunday. Hahha. I was TIRED!!! Too bad I didn't bring a camera along. Hahah. Pics would have been awesome.

That following day, we had the opportunity to listen to Brother Ballard. He's awesome. I'm not going to lie, I dosed off quite a bit. But I did not forget his testimony. It had a profound impact on me, knowing that he IS a witness of Christ. It made me think, am I a witness of Christ?... Yuppp.:) But of course, phom yaag phadthanaa sadthaa khoong phom ( I want to increase my faith)... How?!? How can I increase my faith?... I found Alma 32:28-30.. it compares the Word of God to a maleed(seed). It is a good seed. As I study the Word of God, my faith will increase. :) Phom ca sigsaa prakampii thugwan! (I will study the scriptures everydayyyyyyyyy!) I hope you guys will do so as well. :)

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to teach via Skype! Whooo! We taught a non-member. We tried teaching. But it was so hard! She didn't have a book of Mormon on hand, and had slow internet on her phone. Lol. As for communicating in Thai, I heard her loud and clear but could only understand 1/5 of what she was saying. Haha. She just kept laughing. She was kind enough to be patience. She's a very joyous person. :) Although we did not teach much, she did commit to read the Book of Mormon and pray. Yeeheee. I'm excited for THAILAND! 

I think I have a new favorite scripture. Don't worry dad, you don't need to change my quote for my plaque(<---I hope I spelled it right). PROMISED BLESSINGS: Mosiah 2:41 "And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it."... HAPPINESS!!!!! :):):):):):).. I have developed such great love for this Gospel. I love our Exemplar, Redeemer, our Lord. Through Him, I can do all things. I am honored to be His disciple.

Pictures included-
1. Elder Grant and Elder Van Gils left on Monday (yesterday) to Singapore. I'll miss them! We'll definitely meet up again someday. 


3. District's last cinnamon roll before Sister Davis, Elder Grant, and Elder Van Gils leaves.

4. Ohhh yeahhh... It'll be our album cover. Haha

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 5: MTC

First.. I want to share a funny experience.

Being a Zone leader, we are given a phone. And with handling a phone, comes responsibilities!
It was this past Wednesday, when my companion and I were just finishing up on our personal study. Just as we finished, we felt the urge to use the bathroom. Yeah, the food here does that to us. No good, no goooooodd! Anyways, we proceeded to use the bathroom and then as we were chatting between stalls, an familiar tune started to play. The phone was ringing! and we were excited to answer it!! But we had forget that we were both still doing business. Hahaha. The person on the phone requested for an elder from our Zone, and requested us to give him the phone so that she could talk to him. "uhhhhhh, could I call you back maybe?" - Elder Hunt. I think the echoing from the bathroom gave her the *hint* that we weren't able to go at the moment. Hahah.

I am doing well. Thank you for the wonderful package. I have extra ear picks/nail clipper/ and hearing aid stuff. I also got a package from Jeff and Jay Marler! I'll send a pick! :)

Mum, I thank all those that ask about me. I hope you guys also check up on them and find out how you guys can help them (You probably already do that... hahhaha). But yeah. :) Express my love to K1 and everyone else please, I have been blessed to be under the influence of the love that has been shown in our church. As well as President Hafoka. I can't expound on how blessed I have been to have him support me throughout my schooling and in church. He's has been a great example.

Hi Aunty Nuj and Uncle PJ, I'm looking forward to coming to Thailand! I really do hope for the opportunity to stop by and say hi to you guys! :) I love you guys.

So, I bought some popcorn... and it came with a RedBox code. :) I hope you either of you guys can use it and enjoy a family night movie. It's GN4MXD22.

4 things that I have learned this past week.

1. As I grew fear of the language being my barrier to teach, I came to realize that the spirit's presence was slowly driven away. It has been one of the worst feelings ever. The stress made it become such a headache for me. I did not realize that this fear of the learning the language was causing me not to have the spirit, and I did not know what to do.
Then I read D&C 11:21,22. "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto convincing of men..." Believe it or not, my teacher came into class the next day and taught us that the language isn't the barrier. We discovered this by first, teaching in English, then Thai. As long as we focus on the investigator, and show the love of Christ through us.. that's all that matters. I have been doing a much better job at personal study. I LOVE READING THE BOM! I really can't start the day without reading a chapter or two. It always gives me spiritual thoughts that really makes my day flows so much better. I challenge you guys to read at least a chapter every morning! And ponder on how it can help you be more Christlike for the day. :)

2. The temple is awesome. I was able to watch the Provo City Center Temple Dedication. It was amazing!!!!! The temple is the House of the Lord, it is the place of learning, and believe it or not... I learn something new every time I go there! It's the one place where the spirit always dwells. I hope khobkhura khoong phom are going to the temple whenever they can! :) 

3. Pray sincerely. There has been several times where I just say a prayer to "get over it..
." But when we pray sincerely and with real intent, it makes a HUGE difference. I love the fact when you really think of the things that you are thankful for, you'll be amazed with how much there are to be thankful for! In 2 Nephi 32:9.. Pray always! :) Moroni 7:6,9... Pray with real intent or else it profit him nothing!

4. Elder Lovelock can actually sing. He has that crazy voice range!! But when you look at him while he sings.. it's crack up!!!! It's the "constipated" face. Hahha.

I testify to you that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And with the atonement of Christ being the center of all of it, I am so blessed to know that I can continually progress and become who God wants me to be. I am so thankful for love of our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ has for us. I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Take care! :)
I'll talk to you guys next week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 4: MTC

I am tired.

DAYLIGHT SAVING! What is this?!?!?! I don't like it at all! I lost one hour of sleep because this nonsense! Hahha. But I got used to the time schedule within a couple of days. :)

There's so much happening. And it seems like there's not enough time! This past week, I was just deaddd. I want sleeeeeep. So I took a couple naps during my personal study. Hahahahha. But really, personal study is my favorite time. It's a great opportunity to just open the scripture and learn something new. I just love how the scriptures  always shares something bold and uplifting. It really does make a dramatic change on my perspective everyday.

Hey hey hey. Can I change my favorite scripture? Hahaha. There's so many! But I really really reallly love 2 Nephi 22:2. :) "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehova is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation".

This week. I watched MANY mormon messages on the LDS site. Nearly every one of them. YOu guys should watch at least one each day! :D It only takes a couple minutes. Some of the ones I really liked were (I'm thinking...) "Love Her Mother, A Father Indeed" (DAD YOU ARE AWESOME!) "Thanksgiving Daily, Love My Brother Hyrum, Book of Mormon" :) 

How are things at home? Are you guys doing any big projects? Hahah. Oh, and how's TJ's phone? I miss Cali, perhaps you could send me a picture of Him? I bet he's pretty fat now.. Hahah. No sickness of the sort? Eating well?  :) 

Thanks for the pictures of me and baby treyy!!! ME GUSTAA!!!<3

I'll be going to the Temple Square this Friday! (Tour) My companion is from a different country (Australia) so he was offered the opportunity to tour around! And I get to tag along! WHOOHOO! There's 3 Australians in our district, so we won't be alone. :)

I do not know if this Temple Rededication will be on TV. I will not be participating in the actual ceremony, but I will be in the audience and be waving my white hanky. I don't know if I'll be singing in the General Conference's Choir. Hahah. But I'll let you know if I do. :)


Thanks for sending in another pack of batteries! One of my hearing aid batteries only lasted for 4 days... so I was scared that I may come up a wee bit short on supply. :) As for the nail clipper and ear picks, I found them! Don't need to send those. Hehehe

So this Sunday, I was also released from my assignment as a sacrament coordinator. Now, my khuu and I are now zone leaders. More responsibilities! What's sad is that the Mongolian district will leave this thursday, and our Thai/Malay/Indo district will be the only one left. We will have 2 more missionaries coming in later this week though. :) Yay, new missionaries. Oh I forgot to share that I had the wonderful opportunity to Host and bring in new missionaries! Our district has been doing it ever since week 2 and have been constantly participating.  This past week, I brought in many elders going into the Tonga/Samoa mission. It's pretty cool that I know how to say "Hi" in these languages! Hahah. Yay to PCC.

This past Sunday, me and my companion had the opportunity to teach! :) It went well. We talked about the Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Hahah. Such easy topics, but there's so much to discuss about it. I also had the opportunity to lead in a district discussion on "Enduring to the end". In D&C 24:8, "Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of they days." and in D&C 14:7, "And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall eternal life, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God." 

I want to be able to tell myself, as mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:7, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." I have imagined the joy that I would have to be able to know that I did my very best to progress unto our Savior.

My district leader shared this thought with us.

"Would you be embarrassed to share gold?" 

What would you choose? Gold or the opportunity to go to church? As members of the church, we should know how much the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth... But it really does take one's efforts to know of Gospel of Jesus Christ and what it has in store for us. As a missionary, I personally know that the gospel is worth far more than gold. The Gospel brings eternal happiness, and who wouldn't want that? God sent us here to learn and progress, He given us agency, the power to choose... so that we can develop Christlike attributes and do good in this life. :) So why? Why is it that we aren't embarrassed to share gold but don't share something worth more than gold?
Why should we be embarrassed to share this, "Gospel"?:)

Help others receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Bring others unto Christ. :)

Taught the Plan of Salvation to one of my investigators.. it really helped strengthen my testimony.

I love my family, I want to be with you guys for the rest of my life and even after this life. Thanks to the love of our Father in Heaven, he has provided a way for that to happen. As we live upon the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and endure to the end our families can be together forever in eternity.

Phom ruu waa Praabida bon sawaan rag raw. Phro waa phom suadoonwoon le? ruuxig khwaamsug. Phom ruu waa dooy phragitikhun khoong phrayeesukrid, we may return to our Father in Heaven and gain blessings beyond our imaginations. Khoobkhura khoong raw pen samkhan. I love you guys. I am truly blessed to be able to know of these things. 


I gave up on my diet. HAHAHHA! It lasted 2 days. But I'm commited to eat less. :) I'll be fine. haha
Oh and MOM! I'm reading the thai Book of Mormon! I was able to read 3 Nephi 5:13 in THAI!!!! :D

1. Pics with the previous Zone leaders.

2. The 4 weeks old Brownie. It was solid as rockkkkk!

3. Zone leader flag. I get the opportunity to write my AWESOME NAME! :D (I tried to look cool) Oh and the SWORD OF DISOBEDIENCE! in pic #3... Supposably, if you open the sword.. you'll get sick. That's what happened to the last 3 elders.. D:

 4. My khuu's drawing... :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 3: MTC


There's so much happening. It's going by soooo fast! "The days are long, the weeks are short. One blink, and you're home."- Brother Merkley(1 of my 3 teachers)... It's crazyyyy.

I really should have prepared on what to email... but really, there's no time! There's always so much to do. In regards to my sleep. Even though I am adjusted to the sleeping schedule, its still hard.. but it's an amazing feeling knowing that you had such as productive day of work.

The MTC has been a home (Baan) to me. The people within my district are my family. I love them. We literally do everything together. We have 5 Phii Thais, that will be leaving tomorrow to enter into the mission field! They will be dearly missed but we cant wait to join them along on the journey.

Stream Goo leaves today!!! She'll do awesome!:)

There'll be a temple dedication coming up! :D YAYYYY! I'll be waving my white handkerchief! maaaa, you don't need to send me the other box of hankys, I haven't really been using them... If I cry..I just CRYYYY. Hahaha. We have 4 cry-baby elders in our district (I'm one of them D:).. hahaha. So they ALWAYS have tissues on hand.. I just use tissues. "Real men cry" - Brother Yuen (my other teacher...)

Riss- I wanted to ask about Alex Athans and Jacob Gold. There's been a couple times where I thought about them. How are they doing? Oh and also, my teacher (Brother YUEN) has a massive family from Hawaii. I'm 99% sure that he's related to Alena Yuen. Haha. I'll get a picture with him later on this week.

There's been many times where I catch myself doing what Trey does... "brrrrrrrr... Brrrrrrrr.." I miss that lil bayyybeee.. :)

MY DIET! ....umm.. I gained 8 pounds since I have entered the MTC. I mean, how could I not? There's unlimited burgers and fries everydayyyyy! It's horrible! Hahah, so me and my district leader decided to eat "healthier" and less food from now on. So far, it's been good. I actually have more energy and feel better.

My language? Dii maag! I'm improving. I can make out some small words in Thai script, but when it comes to larger sets..I need to translate it to Romanize, then to English. Haha. As for my speaking ability.. I think I'm okay. I can't wait to speak to you guys on Mother's day! :) Oh... Tell briggs happy belated birthday!! It'll be awesome if you guys could send me your birthday dates... that way I dont forget. Hahahah

My favorite scripture? Ahhh there's so many! Go ahead and use 2 nephi 31:20. I think the latest scripture I read was Alma 26:22. ME GUSTA that one too. :) Hahha. My district read D&C 31 together. Perhaps you guys could read that. :) maybe even with D&C 4.

 My interviews with Investigators has been going well. The last lesson that me and my companion had was probably one of the best in a while. We talked about Joseph Smith. I guess I never really knew myself that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. When I had the opportunity to teach about him, I came to realize how the Book of Mormon ties together everything. The Book of Mormon really is the keystone of our religion. If the Book of Mormon does not exist, then our religion wouldn't exist. As I continued along with the lesson, I had such a warm feeling in my chest. I love it. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Through him, this beautiful gospel was restored on earth.

I think it's really important for us to understand or try to understand how much Heavenly Father loves us. Our Father in heaven has established a paradise for us, and we will be able to go there..with no sorrow or sufferings. We will be able to go to paradise as long as we do what pleases Him. (Alma 40:12) Our Father in heaven loves us so much that He wants us to become as Him. So he sent down His son, Jesus Christ to be an example to all of us. He is the Savior of the world. He suffered for all of our sins, and will continue to do so as long as we turn to Him. (Alma 7:11) It's really amazing to realize that He is truly there and knows us personally. How could He not? He knows what we are going through.

I love this gospel. It brings joy to my life. It's not the same joy as when I'm eating a burger... but a spiritual joy... which is 10000000000000000000000000001 times better than eating a delicious burger. :D It's a feeling of peace and happiness. What's amazing is that once you receive that joy and continue to do good... The more smiley you become. It's something that I personally never want to lose, and hope you guys don't lose as well. I hope you guys are doing well at home. :) I really hope you guys are inviting the spirit to be among you guys at all times. The Holy Ghost really is your best friend. <3

Love you guys.

-Elder Santeco 

AKA "Uncle Bob"

I'll send some pictures :)

Preparation day today.. LAUNDRY DAY! 

My scriptures broke within the first couple of days here at the MTC. Hahah. It literally broke in half. So the sisters surprised me and bought me new scriptures! :) Best sister everrrr. They also bought my companion new scriptures (a compact sized) along with note-taking materials for his birthday. :D

Hey. So my hearing aid has been acting up. Figured something was loose. Took apart the stem part and cleaned it up and it's working fine now. 

I was wondering if you could probably get some extras before I fly into Thailand? At least 1 per side. I thought I had an extra in my hearing aid bag.. but couldn't find it. Perhaps I left it at home... either way, please send me a pair. :) 

I also counted the amount of batteries I have left. I have been keeping record of how long a battery lasts and it averaged out to 6 days and 6 hours a battery. I have enough batteries for 101 weeks, and there happens to been 101 weeks left!!! D: hahahha. That's pushing it. But I think I should be okay though.

Also, I CANT FIND MY NAIL CLIPPER AND EAR PICK! I can buy an nail clipper at the book store, but please send an ear pick. Hahah, q-tips aren't the best, I feel like it's still dirty. Wait for next week before you send me an ear pick though, I'm going to look through my bags once more. :) Thanks!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 2:MTC

There's so much happening!!!

I'm glad things are well at home. :) 

I LOVE TO SING. Us 4 elders aren't really good at singing, but don't actually suck. Hahah. We attempt to harmonize, but we would always fail and laugh our butts off. Regardless, we love to sing and it brings peace and happiness within our daily lives. I think that's something that I would love to do at home. :D

Funnyyyyy crack up experiences.

My companion was sick 2 days ago. At night he couldn't sleep, and said that he had a migraine. I offered Tylonel but he didn't want to take medication from a glass container that had no description on it about the medication itself. Hahahah. So he asked for a blessing. HE ASKED ME TO DO IT.
I was scared. Didn't know what to say. Hahaha. I felt that the other elders would do a better job with a blessing. Nevertheless, I went and did it. I couldn't say no...

I read from my district leader's "how to say a blessing" card.( I left mines in class).. and apparently I said... I give you a "FATHER'S" blessing. Before I knew it... I was supposed to say my proper title.. not "father's". Hahha. But I went on with the blessing. It was well. The other elders listening cried... ;D ohhh yeahhh. He's all good now. :) 

Another experience! 
4 of the elders were practicing for our investigators coming up later in the evening. Me and my companion were playing as investigators while Elder Dugquem and Elder Blocker were playing as missionaries. 
My comp and I were planning on questions we could ask to throw them off a bit during their lesson. And we got several. We thought that's all we should have prepared as investigators. So onward was our meet.
The elders introduced themselves... and we introduced ourselves... kinda. Elder hunt chose Elder as his name.. and I said the first thing that came to my mind... which was Eldo, as in Dodo bird.
When elder blocker asked to do a prayer, he prayed for us. As soon as he said that... We were giggling/laughing. I couldn't stop laughing, and was mad at myself for choosing that name. Hahahha .I think I should use Bob as my name next time. :)


 I was thinking about cali.. I miss that dogggyyy. :D

I forgot my scriptures again. Hahha. But I really liked D&C 4, 2 Nephi 2:22, and 2 Nephi 31. I'll let you guys know of my favorite scriptures later. :)

Our class is tight yooo

That view doeeee



OHHH!! And please thanks Sister Choon.. I think it's choon. LOL I fail.

I received 2 dozens of Krispy Kremes from James Choon and Mark in Laie.... I'll fetch the names for next week just to make sure. :) 

Cant wait for the pictures to come in!

Please send me my "Line of Authority".. Zone President said that it's very good to have on hand. You know, just in case some people be like... "Wea you get this priesthood powahh from?" :D LALAALLLOVEE YOU GAIIISSS<3