Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 3: MTC


There's so much happening. It's going by soooo fast! "The days are long, the weeks are short. One blink, and you're home."- Brother Merkley(1 of my 3 teachers)... It's crazyyyy.

I really should have prepared on what to email... but really, there's no time! There's always so much to do. In regards to my sleep. Even though I am adjusted to the sleeping schedule, its still hard.. but it's an amazing feeling knowing that you had such as productive day of work.

The MTC has been a home (Baan) to me. The people within my district are my family. I love them. We literally do everything together. We have 5 Phii Thais, that will be leaving tomorrow to enter into the mission field! They will be dearly missed but we cant wait to join them along on the journey.

Stream Goo leaves today!!! She'll do awesome!:)

There'll be a temple dedication coming up! :D YAYYYY! I'll be waving my white handkerchief! maaaa, you don't need to send me the other box of hankys, I haven't really been using them... If I cry..I just CRYYYY. Hahaha. We have 4 cry-baby elders in our district (I'm one of them D:).. hahaha. So they ALWAYS have tissues on hand.. I just use tissues. "Real men cry" - Brother Yuen (my other teacher...)

Riss- I wanted to ask about Alex Athans and Jacob Gold. There's been a couple times where I thought about them. How are they doing? Oh and also, my teacher (Brother YUEN) has a massive family from Hawaii. I'm 99% sure that he's related to Alena Yuen. Haha. I'll get a picture with him later on this week.

There's been many times where I catch myself doing what Trey does... "brrrrrrrr... Brrrrrrrr.." I miss that lil bayyybeee.. :)

MY DIET! ....umm.. I gained 8 pounds since I have entered the MTC. I mean, how could I not? There's unlimited burgers and fries everydayyyyy! It's horrible! Hahah, so me and my district leader decided to eat "healthier" and less food from now on. So far, it's been good. I actually have more energy and feel better.

My language? Dii maag! I'm improving. I can make out some small words in Thai script, but when it comes to larger sets..I need to translate it to Romanize, then to English. Haha. As for my speaking ability.. I think I'm okay. I can't wait to speak to you guys on Mother's day! :) Oh... Tell briggs happy belated birthday!! It'll be awesome if you guys could send me your birthday dates... that way I dont forget. Hahahah

My favorite scripture? Ahhh there's so many! Go ahead and use 2 nephi 31:20. I think the latest scripture I read was Alma 26:22. ME GUSTA that one too. :) Hahha. My district read D&C 31 together. Perhaps you guys could read that. :) maybe even with D&C 4.

 My interviews with Investigators has been going well. The last lesson that me and my companion had was probably one of the best in a while. We talked about Joseph Smith. I guess I never really knew myself that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. When I had the opportunity to teach about him, I came to realize how the Book of Mormon ties together everything. The Book of Mormon really is the keystone of our religion. If the Book of Mormon does not exist, then our religion wouldn't exist. As I continued along with the lesson, I had such a warm feeling in my chest. I love it. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Through him, this beautiful gospel was restored on earth.

I think it's really important for us to understand or try to understand how much Heavenly Father loves us. Our Father in heaven has established a paradise for us, and we will be able to go there..with no sorrow or sufferings. We will be able to go to paradise as long as we do what pleases Him. (Alma 40:12) Our Father in heaven loves us so much that He wants us to become as Him. So he sent down His son, Jesus Christ to be an example to all of us. He is the Savior of the world. He suffered for all of our sins, and will continue to do so as long as we turn to Him. (Alma 7:11) It's really amazing to realize that He is truly there and knows us personally. How could He not? He knows what we are going through.

I love this gospel. It brings joy to my life. It's not the same joy as when I'm eating a burger... but a spiritual joy... which is 10000000000000000000000000001 times better than eating a delicious burger. :D It's a feeling of peace and happiness. What's amazing is that once you receive that joy and continue to do good... The more smiley you become. It's something that I personally never want to lose, and hope you guys don't lose as well. I hope you guys are doing well at home. :) I really hope you guys are inviting the spirit to be among you guys at all times. The Holy Ghost really is your best friend. <3

Love you guys.

-Elder Santeco 

AKA "Uncle Bob"

I'll send some pictures :)

Preparation day today.. LAUNDRY DAY! 

My scriptures broke within the first couple of days here at the MTC. Hahah. It literally broke in half. So the sisters surprised me and bought me new scriptures! :) Best sister everrrr. They also bought my companion new scriptures (a compact sized) along with note-taking materials for his birthday. :D

Hey. So my hearing aid has been acting up. Figured something was loose. Took apart the stem part and cleaned it up and it's working fine now. 

I was wondering if you could probably get some extras before I fly into Thailand? At least 1 per side. I thought I had an extra in my hearing aid bag.. but couldn't find it. Perhaps I left it at home... either way, please send me a pair. :) 

I also counted the amount of batteries I have left. I have been keeping record of how long a battery lasts and it averaged out to 6 days and 6 hours a battery. I have enough batteries for 101 weeks, and there happens to been 101 weeks left!!! D: hahahha. That's pushing it. But I think I should be okay though.

Also, I CANT FIND MY NAIL CLIPPER AND EAR PICK! I can buy an nail clipper at the book store, but please send an ear pick. Hahah, q-tips aren't the best, I feel like it's still dirty. Wait for next week before you send me an ear pick though, I'm going to look through my bags once more. :) Thanks!


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