Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 1:MTC

Hey guys.

I'm tired.. It's quite hard to from 11 hours of sleep to 8 hours of sleep yo. 

But it's an awesome tired. There's always something to do! :)

I would share what I have done every day this past week, but I rather not. So, I'll just share whateveesss.

The MTC, a place that constantly dwells with the spirit and always reminds us of our purpose as instruments of the Lord. Guys!! My companion is Elder Hunt from Australia!!! He has such a cool accent, everyone here loves to talk to him due to his sense of humor/accent/cool stories. Hahah. He is also very knowledgeable of the scripture masteries. Very smart. He and I are very tight. We talk and ensure we would do our very best in all we do.

I did not know... that we had to teach as soon as we came here... IN THAI. Literally by the 2nd day, we had to prepare for our lesson with a trained investigator. It was the most nerve-wrecking thing that I have ever done. That moment when you knock on the door, and wait from them to answer... got me soooooo bad. I was shakingggg. Hahah. Worst part was that I blanked out and did not know how to introduce myself at the door, so I was scrambling through my bag to find my language book. But my companion and I did our best and taught Phii(investigator) Boo. We have done three meets with this investigator. 1st meet, taught about prayer. He prayed,  felt the spirit, and we explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost. 2nd meet, he learned more about our loving Heavenly Father. Felt spirit again, we committed him to read the entire "The Restoration" Pamphlet. 3rd meet, we taught about prophets. Oh and we also did follow up, he did read the entire pamphlet. He understood everything within the book up until the "Book of Mormon" section. He was so interested in it, that he wanted one to read.......D: My khuu and I didn't not have one in prathay thai! It was rather embarrassing. He was willing to learn more, but we weren't prepared! Hahah, but we'll place the BOM next time and perhaps talk about the Plan of Salvation the following meet. 

Mom, I understand Thai. Well, at least during our meetings with Phii Boo. It's so awesome! I can understand!!! :D But it sucks not knowing how to speak the language to say what I wish to say. But my comp and I always figure it out.

Learning Thai has honestly been so much fun! Although it may be a lot, (They're really cramming it into our heads) I can honestly see the improvement each day. I also learned how to say my prayer in thai! Currently am learning script, and our district goal is to have it memorized by next monday. I can't wait to read THAIIIIII! :) Oh GUYS! I'm doing choir!

Teach people, not lessons... through the promptings of the Spirit. My companion and I have been doing that well. Doing so, we can see great improvements in our teaching abilities.

THE WEATHER DOOOEEE!!! It's COLD! But interesting enough, I don't wear much winter clothing or anything of the sort at all. I've also have been wearing short sleeves almost daily (I only have 2 long sleeves. Hahah)... It's dry, so I have to constantly wear lip balm every couple hours. One time I didn't My upper lip got so dry that when I used the razor to shave (..like I even need to shave..O.o ) I accidentally cut my skin! It bleed. I got it to stop, but it would always bleed at the wrong time...One time it bled during sacrament and dinner. Hahaha. It was awkward having to hold a tissue to my mouth and talking to others. But it's healed up now. :) Oh and I might send my winter clothing home early. But only if I'm sure I dont need it.

Family. Dont worry.. I have been showering, flossing, and brushing my teeth. You know the basics. Hehe


My personal goal? Read scriptures morrreeeeeeeee. Riss, dad, I dont have my scriptures with me right now.. so I'll give you guys my quote next week. Same goes for my pictures. I forgot my camera at the Residence. Hahah.

GUYS> I cried several times. One time was during one of the district's farewell song... They sang Hymn # 7, but in Mong and Viet. We joined in on the last Verse. It was the most powerful thing I have ever felt in a long time. I CRIEEEDDDD. It was sooo bad that I had to close my eyes so hard (to reduce the flow of the tears yoooo)  and stop singing because I was choking up on the lyrics so bad... I can tell you that it not the prettiest. Hahah.

Mi familia. Fear not, I having an awesome time here. I love it. What makes it so worthwhile is the spirit. It's everywhere I go. Even in the bathroom. :) Haha. But really, the spirit dwells everywhere on campus, it dwells in our district, zone, my companion, our lessons with Phii Boo. I love it. My testimony has grown and I my prayers has been more meaningful than ever. 

I love you guys. I've been praying for you guys. I hope you are all doing well in daily doings. As well as attending church, and gaining a closer relationship with the Lord. 

I am so thankful for everything. I know Christ is our Savior. I know that God loves everyone, and He hopes that we can do our part to return to Him. I love the gospel, and it has brought great joy in my life. 

Until next week.... SHOOOOOTSSS

Eldaaa Santecoooooooo

(p.s. I no need to double checkkk da kine letter brahhh) Nah.. I just dont have time to. Hahah. Byeeeee! :)