Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thailand Week 23: Korat

The Will of God

This past week was great. I didn't write in my journal this past week... so I can't recall any of any cool experiences. But I can state that... the mission is awesome. :)

This past week. I have been focusing a lot on the the different characters of Christ. While doing so, I was continually amazed to see how great of a man Jesus Christ was. While learning of the different attributes/characters of Christ and personally striving to follow His examples, my worldly problems shrinks, my capacity to learn and be happy grows. I feel so much joy and peace. My eyes opens up to the different blessings that God has given to me.
Inviting. :D

Selfieee gameee. This is brother คลัง.... He's awesome

Ahhh. The Book of Mormon is awesome. :) It's amazing how much I can apply in my life for my personal benefit as well as others. Want to know something cool? In personal study, I usually don't finish reading one chapter. I'm always cross-referencing and writing my thoughts and spiritual impressions. It's fun. I love the Book of Mormon. :)

Could you guys give me a list of things that you may want from Thailand?
I don't want to do everything last minute...
I know. I still have like 18 months left. But really... Please send me a list. :)

Oh! This past week I was able to do a switch-off with a khon thai while Elder Gardner attended district leader training. It was fun. Haha. :)

I like this video. I hope you guys will too! :)
"Willingly to accept and even seek corrections." <4 ever

I know that God will guide me. He will mend me, forge me, and help me become who I need to be. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know that He is our Savior. He loves all of us. He loves you. Open your heart, let Him in, and watch the magic happen as He changes your life.
I love you all. Even you Cali. "Meowww" :)
- Elder Santeco
Ahhh. Jesse is so old, going to seminary already! Hahah. Love you bro. 

We went a 3-D...ish Museum here in Korat! :)

Love you all! HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK!!!!:)