Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thailand Week 10: Korat

It is still HOT

Everything is hot. Really. The sun is always blazing hot! and when there's wind... it feels like being in a dryer! ผมไม่ likey. It does help when I'm drying my laundry... but not while I'm wearing them. Blehhhh. Oh, and spicy food does not help. Hahaha.

Speaking of food. I really think that I am getting used to this spiciness. My mouth is just accepting it more easily as the days pass by. But sadly, I still sweat a bunch. Hahaha. Today, I had a bit of American food... I had a pack of ramen from the MTC... and it was chicken flavor! Whoop whoop! The soup was really satisfying. I wished I had more than one pack. I'll probably go to 7's today and buy some ramen from there... I am totally expecting a bunch of unique flavors, and no chicken flavor. Haha. 

Cooked and ate some rice too! But didn't cook eggs. It was too much work. So it was just rice and furikake. Meh.

There has been a lot that has happened this past week. I thought I had brought my journal with me... but nope! ผมไม่มี. Anywhooo, I'll just share several highlights of my past week.

Meet the members!
We received a request from our zone leaders to meet all of the members from our church. That is 100ish members in 7 days. Hahah. Yeah, and we only got 6. But it was very effective. We got the chance to get familiar with the members, share a message, and serve them. Every member that we met were very VERY happy to meet with us. I guess it's been a while since these members got any visits from the elders. Every member that we met definitely had a greater desire to come unto Christ and participate in missionary work. I am glad to have the opportunity to help these members remember just how important this gospel is to them and how it has made an impact on their lives. When they realized this, many of the members immediately gave referrals to us and wanted us to teach their friends/families(I was soooo happpyyy!!), but I personally rejoiced in something better. I felt their desire to help others to come unto Christ... and help them feel the same joy that they feel. It felt goooooood. :) We extended the challenge to them to bring their friend on Sunday and they did! We now have more investigators, hence we have more work to do.

There was one day that when we visited a member, a storm came. IT RAIN HARD! It flooded the roads. (Perhaps about 6 inches high)  Hahah, it was pretty fun. We biked in the waters (when the rain stopped of course). Whooo! Sadly I didn't take a picture or videoed it. But it was a good day. Sweat a lot, but it was good. It's always a good day to be a missionary. :D

At one of the member's house... she had a pretty garden. Made me miss the garden that we have at home! I hope they're still striving! :) But anywhooo...She had everything! Even squash!........... I learned the word for squash. Hahahhaha. That definitely took me by surprise. :)

Save One!
Save One is a market place and it's loaded with many people! That Thursday night, I was able to participate in inviting others to learn English with us. Of course, I had to invite in Thai. Hehe. I was really scared at first. I guess it was because I didn't want to bother anyone. But, when I realized that there is a greater purpose behind all of this and that this would be a great opportunity to invite others to come unto Christ. I just jumped into action! And I did it with a smile! :D I was able to give out LOTS of invitation cards. I am glad that I took action, because as soon as I did... all the other members that were participating in this activity had this huge boost of confidence and just started inviting EVERYONE. Tomorrow, we are expecting a lot of people  to attend our English class, that we will be having multiple classrooms. We are expecting many, because there's a FB group for the Korat's LDS English Class... and many people joined the group that following day. :)

We have an awesome group of To-Be missionaries! They are sooooooooooo goooood! Very knowledgeable(much more than me... I really mean it. Hahha) and I can see the light of Christ in all of them. They always look for opportunities to love and serve others. :) They'll be great missionaries!

We went to Bangkok last week! Left Korat on Thursday night, and arrived in Bangkok at 2 in the morning. We hanged out at the elder's places in Bangkok. It wasn't really fun sleeping on the cold hard ceramic floor. Hahah. But it was better than nothing. Got the chance to shower too... so that was good. :)

Basically we went to Bangkok for ONE SIGNATURE. Really. It only took 2 seconds. Hahaha. It was for the worker's questionnaire/permit.But it was good to meet with my MTC's district (They all had to sign.. lol). I certainly do miss them but am glad to see that we are all being put to work. :)

Didn't return home until 9pm on Friday. Even though it has been several days ago...I am still tired. I will definitely use today's time to get my energy back. Blehh, did I mention? We are going back to Bangkok this Thurday... Elder Reid will be finishing his mission soon, so he has to attend this meeting prior. I guess it's like a "Soon-to-Leave Meeting"... But it's all good.

OH! I should mention, Elder Reid will be going to Hawaii after his mission. His sister will be attending BYUH in the next semester, ฉะนั้น he and his family will hang out for a week before dropping off her sister at the school. :) So yeah, he probably will meet up with you guys.

To finish this off... I am really really glad to be a missionary. It is such a blessing. Aside from being sticky and drenched... I am enjoying every single minute here and I am glad that others are able to see that. :) Members constantly comment on how they love that I always have a smile. :D Regardless if I don't understand everything that they are saying. Haha...

Awww mannnn.... I just cannot wait for that day when I come home and tell myself, "I did my best... what a boss." :) And then express my thanks and gratitude to my Savior. :) I'll probably say the same thing on my last day here on earth. Hahah. Meanwhile, I'll focus on the present and my mission, so don't worry! :)

FAMILYYYYY! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! It brings me joy to see that all is well at home. It brings me happiness to know that everyone growing the Characters of Christ. *sigh* You guys are awesome. Keep being awesome.

Scripture for the day-
Ether 6:3 - "And thus the Lord caused stones to shine in the darkness, to give light unto men, women, and children, that they might not cross the great waters in darkness."
Be that rock! Let the Lord fill you with light, then help others receive that very same light.

-Elder Santeco

Central Plaza WestGate Mall. It is HUGE! We ate lunch at Texas Chicken
prior to leaving to Korat.

These chips doeeee... and them kitties.

Met some doggies at a member's house. They are the same kind as Uncle
PJ's and Aunty Nuj's!

And I think the other one is a chiwawaaaaa or something. :)

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