Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thailand Week 13: Korat

Miracles. :)

This week has been AMAZING! I started off the week's study with an
awesome talk called, "Faith in Jesus Christ" from my Bangkok, Thailand
Mission Packet. It shared many inspiring stories of successful
missionaries and helped me realize that it by their faith in the Lord
that they were able to become effective missionaries. It gave me a
major boost to really put my faith and trust in the Lord. It's easier
said than done. But, I really wanted to see myself actually doing the
Lord's work as He desires me to do it. So I was willing to turn to him
with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

This is probably dumb of me, but just now realize that when I want
miracles to happen, I can't just have faith in Christ. I need to do
something about it! I need to work towards it, serve others, open my
mouth, bear my testimony, etc.

1. Gift of Tongues. It's real. Amazingly, I can understand and talk
much more than I actually thought I could. Just well enough to chat
with many members and investigators, share scriptures, and ultimately
help everyone come closer to Christ.

- Sister มก: SHE IS AWESOME. She has brought one of her friend to
church and is currently an investigator. :) In Sunday Class, while we
sang the opening Hymn, "Nearer my God to Thee", she was crying. She
cried so much that she couldn't say the opening prayer. So the teacher
assigned someone else to say it. After it was finished, she walked out
of the classroom. The spirit prompted me to talk to her. But I didn't
follow that prompting. :( I was prompted 3 times. The third time was
the strongest. But I still didn't act upon it. :( Just seconds after
this powerful prompting, she entered into the classroom. "I LOST MY
TESTIMONY!" I was bummed. But then the spirit prompted me to talk to
her after class. And I did. Enos 1:27 :) As soon as I shared a
scripture with her, she was bawling all again. I requested of her to
remember this feeling that she had, and to let it be a testimony of
God's Love for her. :)

- Brother จุเนิยร์: Another awesome guy. He was a less-active and
technically still is (Hasn't gone to church early enough to partake of
the sacrament), but is definitely improving. Before I came to Korat,
he hardly came to the church. But now he comes at least 3 times
throughout the week for activities and church. :) His testimony has
been growing once again. Oh and guess what? He even asked if he could
help us teach new investigators! He's awesome. Anywho, here's the
experience that I had with him...( I sent this experience to President
Johnson. Haha)

"One miracle that I had this past week was when I had a member talked
about his ex-girlfriend experimenting with black magic. During the
discussion, the member asked Elder Reid, "What would you do?" Elder
Reid blanked out and really did not know with assurance. So, he turned
to me and asked me the same question. I also didn't know, but I was
prompted to just open my scriptures. As I opened my scriptures, I
opened to Moses 1. It wasn't marked or tagged, but it opened to that
exact chapter and page. Then I just started reading. I then realized
that this was the perfect scripture for the member. It was shared
Moses' experience as he constantly begged for God's help during
Satan's temptations and torments. I shared this scripture with the
member and gave him the opportunity to really think about Moses'
experience and how he could apply to his very own life. He knew what
he had to do. We helped him remember that good will always win over
any sorts of evil. At the very moment, he decided that he will always
turn to God. :) We were able to kneel in prayer in which we all felt
the overwhelming power of the Holy Ghost. "

2. The members' relationship with each other has been growing! The
members' desire to serve God has grown, testimonies has grown. The
Love of God has touched many hearts this past week and it was amazing
to be a witness of it. This was amazing, it was because of the love of
the members, that many of the investigators knew that we had something

3. Investigators! We had 9 investigators come to church yesterday! 6
of them are new investigators that we had invited this past week.
Brother จิ๋ว and I worked together inviting. Brother จิ๋ว and I were
able to rack up 20ish potential investigators (with numbers/address)
in the 4 hours of inviting that had this past week. Brother จิ๋ว is
awesome. He'll become a great missionary. :)

Jesus Christ really does make all things possible. Think about it. :)

I know my purpose here. It's to help EVERYONE come unto Christ.
Everyone isn't perfect, but the gospel is. Therefore, I will forever
teach everyone of this wonderful gospel.

Here is my favorite Scripture of the Week: Mosiah 8:18...
"Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work
mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow

I want to have the faith to perform miracles... not for my own good...
but for OTHERS. I want others to benefit from the miracles that I may
perform. :)

Once again, I am thankful to be a missionary. It's amazing. Thanks Mom
and Dad, Kahuku First Ward, Teachers, Friends, Families, and everyone
else... for making this possible for me. <3

1/8th pau with my mission... Sure went by fast! But I'm not done yet! :)

Much love,
Elder Santeco

I was reading Mosiah... and there was one scripture that reminded me
of dad. LOL Mosiah 6:7... Lead by example!!! (Ignore that part that
said they had no contention for "THREE YEARS" ) LOL

Hope yall are doing FHE! I miss that! :) Love you guys!

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