Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thailand Week 66: Bangnaa

Blessings are constantly raining.

I got to shake hands with an Apostle, Elder Cook! Let me just say that the most powerful part of the meetings we had with him was when he shared his testimony... He Knows.

Upon one of the meetings that we had with President Johnson (Zone Conference), we have learned that the Brethren are deeply concerned for President Thomas S. Monson. He's getting old. He can't attended to all the meetings as usual. We may pray for him to have energy and good health, but we need to understand that death is a part of life. The Brethren has changed their prayers from "help him have good health" to "help him feel at peace and let him know that we love him". It really inspired me myself to evaluate my personal prayers, and make the necessary changes. I love Thomas S. Monson. I'm so thankful that God has allowed us to have a seer, revelator, and prophet to lead us in these latter days.

There has been a lot happening these past several days... เช่น...

The Bangna Church! It's finally open! It's amazing. It's so beautiful. It's such a blessing. Since Saturday, the day we had the church dedication... we had several activities that allows people to come in and check out the place. It's amazing to see everyone that walks into that building has been able to feel the sacredness of the place. On Sunday, we had the most amount of people come to church ever since I came to Bangna. 95 people. It was a really busy Sunday, but everyone was working together and we had such a spiritual day. Members are excited to do missionary work, in hope to prepare for the next Thailand Stake... the Bangna stake. :) On Monday, we had Zone Conference! It's amazing that we are given this time to come together and edify ourselves. One thing that I loved was how simplicity plays a huge role in allowing the Holy Ghost to testify. Even as we did role plays, the influences of the Holy Ghost were so great that it kept giving me chills. :) On Tuesday, we were able to have our first English Class at the new church. For our spiritual thought at the end of the lesson, we had a church tour... In doing so, we have many people wanting to come back to church on Sundays. It really builds my testimony of the sacredness of the church.

I love being a missionary. While I have been here, I have been able to build my testimony of God's love for His children. He has all these tools for us. He has given us His son, Jesus Christ to help us satisfy the law of justice with his merciful hand so that we can return to Him in everlasting happiness. He has sent prophets to lead us through revelation to guide His Church and all of His children. He has given us scriptures so that we can better receive revelation in our personal lives. I know that God lives. I know that He loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you allllll!!! 😙

- Elder Santeco

This is Elder Miyagi... Recognize him? He's from the Christmas Video... Hahhaha. He's awesome.

This is Elder Brown. He was born in Korat just like me! But now is in Myanmar. :) 

Sunday treats. Sister Pin with her mom's delicious brownies.

Sister Kwan's last dinner with us... She'll be going to Udorn to visit her mom... (this was on Monday night... just in case if you were thinking about why sister Kwan was wearing the same dress).. Hahah. :)

Our MTC district picture 😍... Elder Earl left already... but we had him on the phone. Hahaha

I bought new shoes (It hurts. hahahha. It'll take a while to break in) . Saw some glasses. Had the district take a picture together. #Unity

When it comes to food. I get my game face on. Hey mom, we will have some หมูกระทะ in Hawaii... :D Hahahha

Other things that happened last week...
1. I lost my phone in a taxi the previous week's Sunday. But the Taxi driver returned it that evening. He was very cautioned on who to give it to. :) 
2. On the way to Zone Conference, I left my scriptures in the Taxi. He came back and returned to us. 
3. On the way back home from Zone Conference, I accidentally swallowed a cough drop. It was a painful experience. But it went away after a while. Haha

I should be more careful. But I'm so happy that Thai people are so nice and that God is so merciful. :)


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