Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thailand Week 62: Bangnaa


Life is good. With my 9th transfer coming to it's end... I'm excited to move into the next transfer with a promise from President Johnson that the Bangna church will be opened! I can't wait! The church is just beautiful. That being said, I'm curious to see how the Lord will make things work out as our district continues to give it our all. :)

This past week. We've met with sister Ma Lae and her family pretty often. She loves to make food for us missionaries. Hehe. Each time that we meet with her, we noticed her faith growing. It eventually caused her to want to study more on her own... but mainly through youtube. 😨 I remember those days where I studied through Google/Youtube. It just makes everything more confusing. I once tried to learn the easy way... but really, it only made me more confused. So we decided to gave Sister Ma Lae a Restoration Video and requested her to put away her Youtube 
videos and start reading the Book of Mormon, the FUN way. 😄

A couple weeks ago, being motivated to find more investigators... I went through the weirdest paths ever. We biked through roads that Elder Tun knew, but I didn't. It was really funny. I was the leading, and there many times that we would bike couple meters into one of the roads, then I would randomly turn back and go into a different road. Every time I did so, Elder Tun would look at me with this "What are you doing?!" face.😒 But he was a trooper and continued to follow my lead. We then came across landfills. It was pretty nasty. But at the end of the this one road, we saw an open gate to a little playground.  Sitting in under a tree going through his phone, was a kid. His name is Brother Ger (เกอร์). He is a 14 years old kid that is currently on summer break. We had an awesome 10 minute lesson. Talked about the Godhead and prayer. He then willingly said an AMAZING prayer. We then told him that in the next lesson we'll talk more about where we came from, why we're here and where we're going. According to his reaction, he wanted to learn of these answers right at that moment. But we felt prompted that it would be better if we held it off. The next couple days, we met with them again. This time, Brother Ger brought his Sister Woon (วูน) and 3 other friends. Named Pan(แพน), Then(เต้น), and James(เจมส์). We taught the Plan of Salvation. These kids asked inspiring questions, and it was really fun with having to try to explain things simply. This past week, it happened again. There were more kids. Just about 10 children. Haha. We didn't count all of them as Investigators, but we did share our message with those that were willing to listen. This past week, Brother Ger and Sister Woon came up to us and wanted to go to church. We then told them that it would be appropriate if we could talk with their parents. They were more than happy to let us talk to them. Problem is that although Saturday and Sunday are the parent's days off, we are never sure when they will come home. At the latest, they would return at 9 pm. Last week Saturday, in effort to meet with their parents, we saw the sadness expressed on Sister Woon's face (Brother Ger was sleeping) as she said that her parents said that they won't let them go to church. It was heart-breaking. This week, we continued teaching the kids. During the lesson, only Brother Ger and Sister Woon stayed. After teaching the gospel, we asked what they thought about baptism. They replied, "I want to be baptized". We still need to meet the parents before but we just promised them the blessings that will come through following Jesus Christ's example. Following the discussion about the gospel, I also felt prompted to teach the Word of Wisdom. When we extended the invitation to keep the Word of Wisdom, they immediately said that they will give up coffee and tea. These two kids are amazing.

I am determined to make it happen. I will meet the parents and share the gospel with them this week.

Funny side of the story. When one kid heard that we wanted to visit family of Brother James, Pan, Ger, Woon, and Then. There were all these other kids saying, "Come visit my family!" I will make sure that we do so. :)

This past week has been so much fun. We've met with many other members. Especially less-actives. I truly believe that our district will be able to open the Bangna church with a many returns of less-active members. It's been fun serving with Elder Tun here for two transfers. I wish him luck as he moves into Lopburi, the monkey city! 🙈🙉🙊

I know that Heavenly Father loves us. We are sons and daughters of God. He loves us so great that He sent help. He sent Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. His grace and mercy is sufficient for all of us. Through Him we can have that joy and hope knowing that families can be together forever. He's everything to me. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Santeco! ☀🌮

District Meeting... Picture by Sister Panjaree

Sister Panjaree and Sister Courchaine has this cool umbrella. It has a fan underneath! :D

Played that Plastic Wrap Game on game night. The kids were crazy. Haha. It was fun.

This is Sister News. She sometimes forget to chew her food. Haha.

Our Security Guy! Brother ชัย. He's funny. :D He's also a very hard worker.

Sister แตงกวา

Yum. Chicken. Yum.

Sister Panjaree will be going home! :) To Chiang Mai. This is her last picture I have of her. HAHAH.

Every 7-11 has it's body guards. :D

Did a switch off in Samut Prakan with Elder Brinkerhoff. Saw these kids swinging. :D It looked fun. (and dangerous. LOL)

We got a minion for Sister Panjaree. Hehe.

7-11 took out it's dairy section. 😭

Nom nom nom. She ate it all!

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