Sunday, July 30, 2017

Thailand Week 75: Udon

The Lord is my Light

Elder Lovelock is here and we are getting to it! It's only been a couple days with him, but it has been a blast! I'm impressed on how much he has changed since the days of the MTC, and it just inspires me to keep on looking to the Lord and become like Him. "Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am." - 3 Nephi 27:27
Shout out to the missionaries in Sakon Nakon; Elder Blocker, Elder Saydyk, Sister Capin, and Sister Engstrom. Sakon Nakon is going through some major through flooding problems right now, but that's not stopping them! They are serving, singing and doing all they can to uplift those in Sakon Nakon. Everyone needs happiness. :)
Elders in Nong Khai also got a baptism the week they whitewashed in! Whoo!
Sister Jane is doing good. Still really busy with school. :)
We will be having a Family Home Evening with Brother Taw and his family again, but at a member's house. :) I'm excited.
I have come to find what my greatest desire is... it is happiness. And everything that this gospel has to offer has and will always continue to help me feel that sense of peace and joy. The mission is great, as I have been able to experience an even greater joy in helping others receive the very same restored gospel. Let us learn from our mistakes, humble ourselves during trials and afflictions, build humility by always praying and searching the scriptures. Let us come to realize and remember of the tender mercies of the Lord. Life is good.
I love you all!
- Elder Santeco

Brother ออม (Ohm) the Rubik's guy got a date for next month. :) He only wants to be happy, so he is more than willing to work towards baptism.

Yesterday, we started using public transportation to get around Udon. It's crazy fun inviting on the สองแถวs. We got the chance to walk around the neighborhoods and see some water buffaloes. :)

This is Elder Lovelock. หมายความว่าล็อคไว้ความรัก hahahaha

Oops. That was a picture of Elder Wilcox and his greenie, Elder Truman.

This is Elder Lovelock. Hahaha

The Udon Elder's House. WHOOO!


I LOVE YOU ALL! - Byeeee! :)

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