Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thailand Week 74: Udon

Find Joy in the Journey
Awkward Selfie. :D

I love President Monson's talk, "Finding Joy in the Journey"

Tomorrow is a new transfer and this talk seems to cover what I will be focusing on. I am excited. I am anxious to see what the Lord need of us.

Elder Dugquem will be moving to Bangkae with Elder Earl (an Elder from our group), and Elder Lovelock will be coming here to Udon (who is also from the same group).

Highlight of the week were...
1. Cooking Activity, to help the members fellowship with our investigators... It was crazy. A lot of good food. We did our activity just like the show, "chopped". There was four teams, two person per team. Every team was able to make a desert and a main dish within 40 minutes. The things that were in the box were marshmallows, donuts bite, gravy, chicken, and mushrooms. Everyone loved it.

2. Family Home Evening at our investigator family's house. The family lives right by behind the church. They started coming to our church activities since 2 weeks ago. The two daughters are so sweet. They love the members here at the church. Gives hugs to all their Sunday teachers and Sister members. We Elders give them high fives. The father loves his family, and sincerely just wants to do what is best for them. So he is more than happy to come to church with his two daughters. Same goes for the mother. Although the mom isn't free on Sundays, she noticed the changes in her daughters and wants to learn with us. Since FHE on Monday, they started praying as a family. 

The Set Up
The Contestants

The Desserts

The main dish.President Ooh made some of his own food after the activity.

Funny story with the dinner for Family Home Evening. We initially planned to have fried rice. Then it changed to phad thai. Then, spicy pork (ลาบหมู) with some sticky rice. In the end, we ended up making two plates of spicy pork, some grilled pork (we had an electric grill), soup and some fried rice. IT WAS A LOT. We shared a short spiritual thought about the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever. It was wonderful. We will keep on working with them to help them be able to be sealed together forever in the temple on day.

The Lord is a good man. His examples are magnificent, and I have come to know that as we rely on Him, we will always have peace and joy throughout our journey in life.

I love you all! 😄

- Elder Santeco

I like food. President Ooh made a sandwich for us. :D Elder Blad was happy.

Ate some good Vietnamese food

We did some yard work yesterday. It was fun. :)


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