Sunday, July 16, 2017

Transfer #12/Thailand Week 73: Udon

God is SO GOOD

This past week, we spent 3.5 days in Bangkok. We flew in on Monday night, and returned back to Udorn on Friday evening. During this time, WONDERFUL things happened. 

Tuesday, I was able to meet up with Elder Xaiyavong again, my ex-companion in Lopburi. He's now serving in Minburi. It was so good to see him getting lost in the work. He seems so much happier now. :)

Wednesday, MLC. It was AMAZING. It really built my desire on how I can better motivate the zone to finding "the one". I loved it.

Thursday. Switch off with AP, Elder Smith! He has been my Zone leader several transfers ago, but we haven't gotten the chance to do a switch off until then. He'll be going home soon after this transfer, so it was such a blessing to learn with him. During our switch off, we both agreed that the highlight of the day was when we found Sister Naam (น้ำ). Early in the morning, as we confirmed our appointments, all of our appointments got moved to the afternoon. So we decided to fill the time up with inviting. Around 9:00am, we met Sister Naam in front of our apartment. She was walking down the alley all by herself, so Elder Smith goes ahead and starts talking to her. There wasn't anyone else around during that time, so I went ahead and listened in to the conversation. "We have a message that we would want to share with you. We know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and He wants us to share this message with you. Do you have 5 minutes to come into the church and share this with you? " She replied, "ค่ะ" As we walked down to the church, she shared with me that she has just came into the area for School and has never been to the church before. But had learned about Jesus Christ. As we walked into the church, we sat down and started the lesson. 

I start off the lesson, "God is our Father in Heaven. He is your Father, you are His daughter and He loves you. All he desires is you to be happy." Elder Smith then transitions into prayer. "He wants to talk with us. I know that God is listening. He will answer your prayers." We then invited her to pray.

It was the most spiritual prayer I have ever heard before.

She pleaded for forgiveness. She repented. She wept her eyes out. She talked with God.

After her prayer, she explains in her shaky voice, "I am so sorry, I haven't been to church for 3 years." Superman, a member in the lesson, handed her a tissue as we set up a second appointment. Superman then walked her out of the church.

In some sort of state of shock, we rapidly walked around and tried to comprehend what just happened. After a good several minutes, we walked outside where we met with Superman, our member. As we asked about what he thought about the lesson, he replied..."She cried for repentance. She repented, right there." The spirit was so strong, that Superman started crying his eyes out. We gave him a hug, then he started walking back into the church for a little alone time. It was the first time anyone has seen or heard Superman cry.

This really built my testimony that God does answer prayers. He is always listening. God really does love His children. At the conclusion of our switch off, Elder Smith was committed to help her get baptized before he finishes his mission. God is so merciful.

Friday, visa work.

Saturday, Brother เจ and Sister เอลียา (Sister's investigator) got baptized.

Sunday, a wonderful Sabbath day.

Life is really good. My personal miracle for the week is that I have gained a greater love in knowing that I have weaknesses. Because I have weaknesses, It reminds me to always turn to the Lord for necessary guidance. I'm so grateful to know that it is okay that I am not perfect. I found peace in knowing that I can do better.

I love you all.

- Elder Santeco

We went to an investigator's house this past Tuesday (p-day) in Bangkok. It's HUGE.

The Movie Room.

The Dad's Hobby room.Woahhhhhhh

On the way back to Udon, I treated myself with some good curry. YUM.

My watch band ripped. I tried melting it together. It didn't really work.
Staples was the better option.
I'll probably buy a new watch today.
Thank you Riss for this watch though. I love LOVE the vibration feature. I use all the time for my alarms. Hahah.

Some pictures from Elder Dugquem. :) Flashbackssss

Brother เจ came over to the internet cafe with us. :D Hahaha.


That's all for now.


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