Sunday, January 1, 2017

Transfer #7/Thailand Week 45: Lopburi

Happy New Year!

Everyone is partying hard!!! ... and here I am... tired. 😰

Good News! I'm still in Lopburi with my ลูก Elder Larson. We will be staying together for another good transfer. 🤗 Better yet, this year is going to be an amazing one.

This week, the topic of Faith came up pretty often. It's amazing to see the member's great desire to help the Lopburi ward grow. We will do our part in assisting the members into achieving their great desire. I'm excited!!! 🙋 

Anywho... here's a small passage from the PMG about faith.
"Faith in Christ leads to action. It leads to sincere and lasting repentance. Having faith causes us to try as hard as we can to learn about and become more like our Savior. We want to learn what His commandments are and then obey them. Even though we will still make mistakes, we show our love for Him by striving to keep His commandments and avoid sin."

I just want to share a bit about being obedient. After being out here in the mission for a while, my testimony of how obedience has a major part in our missionary work has grown. If we are obedient, people around us will see us as missionaries and disciples of the Lords. We would be able to inspire everyone to build their personal relationship with our Loving Heavenly Father and we would do our part into introducing how we can do that. However, if we slip in being obedient... they won't be able to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. They won't be able have that great interest to know who God is and how He can bless us, rather they would have a greater interest in us as foreigners. People will see us as friends, but unless we do our part in being obedient, they will not have interest in the gospel. All in all, we all should LIVE the gospel by being obedient. 😄

"Exact obedience bring blessings, but more than that... your obedience shows how much you love God... " :)

I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. I know that He understands who I personally am and what I am going through. I know that He that loves me more that I can possibly comprehend. I know that His Son, Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and that through Him... I can do all things.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


- Elder Santeco

Shout out Brother Reid! Thank you for being a wonderful example of an obedient missionary to me. :)

Elder Xaiyavong moved to ChiangMai! He's loving it there. :)

Brother สมชาย baptized yesterday! 1/1/2017! WHOOHOO! I love him. It's a blessing to see others come unto Christ.

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