Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thailand Week 48: Lopburi


Marisa!!! Thank you so much. I felt the impression to read your mail and I did! It helped me a lot! It was exactly what I needed to know. I'm glad to say that I too choose Christ! I love you!😆

I don't have a lot to say this week. Hahah. Sorry. But yes, we did have a zone conference and the leaders talk about obedience, house check-ups(YAY!), Thai culture and repentance. I loved it.

Sister Johnson did a great job at helping us recall the importance of repentance. She pointed out, "Sincere repentance leads to forming a fresh view of God, ourselves and the world." Repentance, it was such an interesting topic to focus on. But then again, repentance is the main theme in the Book of Mormon. It teaches us how we can repent and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. Honestly, sincere repentance is how I have come to receive a real testimony of God's love for us. It helped me have the desire to choose the harder right than the easier wrong. It also helped me understand that in those times that I don't do what pleases God, I just need learn from that experience and do better all because I felt His love and I love Him. This gospel is truly of great love.

I am looking forward to an awesome adventure this week! It'll be great! I currently have a member that came to visit me from Korat โคราช, Brother จิ๋ว!!! He finished school, so now he'll be staying at home in สระบุรี. :) We are going เที่ยวing today! 😄 I don't know what we will be doing today, but it'll be good. Hahah.

I know that church is true! I know that we are all sons and daughters of a Loving Heavenly Father. This gospel has brought great peace and joy in my life and it makes me happy that I am able to share it with others here in Thailand. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

- Elder Santeco 🙆

"If you could see in a vision who you are destined to become, you would rise up and never be the same." - President and Sister Johnson's daughter.

Miracle: Finding people is always fun. Either we find them or they find us. Yesterday, we had one woman that randomly stopped us on the side of the road to talk to us. It was so cool. It was right after church and we were going to stay at the church to attend the other elder's baptism program. But I forgot one of our RC's baptism papers, and felt that we needed to get it immediately to get Bishop's signature. So we went on home and planed to return just in time before the baptismal service starts. But on the way back, this one woman พี่ผึ้ง chased after us and tried to wave us down. We then found out her story and found out that she was really interested in Christianity so we invited her to check out the baptismal service and she immediately accepted! We then taught an awesome lesson and set up an appointment to meet her again. She does have friends that are from other sects, but she is more than willing to find out more about this Church. She does have that sincere desire to what will help her family, and I know that she'll receive her answer in her own time. It's just a miracle seeing that as long as we are doing our best, the Lord will bless us. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! :)

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