Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thailand Week 41: Lopburi


I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! I loveeee Christmas. 😍 Whoohoo!!!

Ever since I came into the mission field, I had the opportunity to help others and myself included to come unto Christ through scripture studies, prayer, and service. This is missionary work. It's changing me. I feel God's hand in my life. He is shaping and molding me to what He wants me to be. Honestly, it is such a blessing to actually have a real testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. My mission has helped me gain a greater appreciation for our Lord and Redeemer. He is the gift. :)

This past week wasn't the most exciting. It consisted a lot of organizing and cleaning our phones, RC/LA/Member books and so on. :) Oh and mom! I also got the chance to clean up some mission stuff on Excel via One drive. It took a while for me to know how to work with Excel, but I eventually got it! Haha. When I do come home, I think I'll go ahead and take an Excel class. Haha. I love it.

Missionary work is great. We are teaching, inviting, serving, and doing all that we can! Let's hope to get some baptisms soon! :)

Other than that. We had a Switch-off with ZL and Zone Conference (Christmas Devotional) this past Monday. Elder Larson was Santa Clause. Hahah. He is awesome.

This week will be a fantastic week! :)

HEY HEY HEY! I've been out for 10 months. 😵 It's seriously crazy how fast time passes by. It feels like being on a roller coaster that just never seems to slow down. It's hard work. But I LOVE IT.


- Elder Santeco 🙆


Sadly I took no pictures..

These are Elder Xiayavong's pics.

 That's my ลูก!!! Elder Larson!!! HoHoHOOOO!!! 🎅
Here are Elder Larson's pics. :D

I like this pic. Just me being in the background satisfies me. Hehe.

Service is fun. :)

This is the Tim Tam Slam. (1/3 of the whole process)

The whole process is called The TBM challenge which consists of 1 Pizza Company Large Pizza, an Earthquake from Swensons (8 scoops of Icecream) and a box of Tim Tams with milk. It's crazy. It is also very expensive. Haha. Yep. I'm not doing it.

Elder Larson tried the TBM. In the end, he had 3 Tim Tams left and just couldn't finish it. It was too much. He fought a hard battle. Haha.

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