Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thailand Week 40: Lopburi


Thanksgiving was lovely. Brother เอิ๊ก hosted a neat dinner. :) The other members that came were ซ.ป๊อป, ซ.แก้ว, ซ.แพน, and ซ.อุ๊ via Skype. Haha. It was really fun but I didn't eat as much as I would if I was home. I hope you guys finish those leftovers!!!! :)

A LOT happened this week.

Monday: ไปเที่ยว!! We went to Bangkok, bought some fabric to make awesome ties and a pair of สบาย pants! I usually wear whatever going to bed, but I decided to have an official sleeping attire with a lovely plain pair of สบาย pants. I love it. :)

Tuesday: Met Sister Bew(ซ.บิว). She learned about Jesus Christ when she was a child and took interest in learning about Him again. So she looked up the church on Google, found our number and met up with up. The first lesson, she was glowing with an immense desire to come unto Him... it was amazing. It brought me joy seeing her great desires. She immediately accepted a date to baptize before Christmas. :) Google is amazing isn't it? More than that... The gospel is amazing.

Wednesday: Met with Sister Apple(ซ.แอปเปิ้น). She's progressing! She understands the doctrines of Christ really well, and she is willing to take that leap of faith to return to her dear Heavenly Father. :)

Thursday: Met with Sister Amp (ซ.แอม). She loved the Plan of Salvation. She seems to take a great interest because we "invite" her to know that the things that we share are true. She really does want to know if it's true and we know that she will receive her answer. :) She wants to baptize, but is currently going to school on Sundays... from 9 am - afternoon... 😯 for another 6 months. Therefore she won't be able to attend church for a wee while. But she is firm on the decision to baptize when she is able to come to church and be flexible with her schedule. :)


Friday: We went to Bangkok again to do some of Elder Larson's paperwork. :) It was fun. That took a good amount of our time. Other than that, we were able to meet with one of my investigators (Which is now Elder Xaiyavong's investigator) Sister Sab (ซ.ซับ) She's doing great! She has a great desire. We were able to invite her to act on that desire by keeping her commitments. She was more than happy to do so. :) Then we ate some of her delicious Phad Thai.

Saturday: LA's LA's LA's! We spend all day working with LAs. It was really fun. Got the chance to do some masonry work as well! It made me think of home a wee bit. I really do love fixing up the house... :)

Sunday: Stake conference! FUN FUN FUN! Met Sister Bay! The Sister that baptize in Thonburi. Great news, Thonburi is now a WARD! Whoohohohohohoooo!!!

- Elder Santeco

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