Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thailand Week 43: Lopburi

Sunshine in my soul <3

This is the week!!! Christmas baby!!! I am so excited. I get to spend my lovely Christmas in the beautiful town of Lopburi<3. Who knows? I may even spend my Christmas evening with my monkey friends! I think the fact that there are many people around the world celebrating this wonderful day, in remembrance that our Savior Jesus Christ is the Gift, makes it a million time more special to me. :)

This past week was amazing. Miracles<3 We are making things happen, not just on our own... but with the hand of our Savior Jesus Christ. My heart is full of gratitude and peace being given the opportunity to grow in the church and the gospel, to born of goodly parents, and not being the only weird child in my family. I am at awe knowing that I came to this earth so to gain experience and experience real joy.

We are hoping to see more baptism this upcoming week! Christmas baptisms! What's better than that?! That would the best gift ever! Haha. Seeing other act on their faith, and trust in God. :)

Some cool things this past week.
- Fixed a member's bike. "Thank you ACE hardware! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" - Please tell them this. :) Miss them all.
- Met many miracle investigators. 3 are daters. 
- Our Ward Mission Leader wants to do more! He wants to help us!
- We Elders are exercising daily! Cheehuu!!!
- The members are doing inviting sessions with us!
- All of the companions in our district have daters for the 25th! WHOOHOO!
- I found time to write in my journal after a good month. :)
- and sooo many more! Overall... We all love God. 😍

I love Thailand. I know that I have been called by a prophet of God to share the things that I know with everyone. It is such a blessing, to be a service to others. Seeing others in the state of happiness is just irreplaceable. 😄 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!😍  แต่มากกว่านั้นพระผู้เป็นเจ้ารทงรักทุกท่าน! He really does loves you. 🙋


- Elder San🙆teco🌮 

We went to a winter festival... where all the graduated students went to. :) Then we went to see the peacocks again.

Then sunflowers!

This is brother Erk. He's awesome. He takes us everywhere.

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