Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transfer #11/Thailand Week 68: Udon


"And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." (Moroni 7:45)

This past week... "Families" has been bouncing around my mind. One because that's what all the speakers shared at Stake Conference this past week. We touched up on a lot on dating and marriage. Another because everything that I read, whether it was in the scriptures, missionary study materials, or talks... connected with the importance of families. Overall, it helped me clear up my mind and know what has priority in my life.

Here's a small passage from a talk that I read this past week. "Having been the beneficiary of this tradition, Mary and I decided to engage in this practice with our children. When our son Larry was five years old, I asked him what he wanted to do for an occupation when he grew up. He said he wanted to become a doctor, like his Uncle Joe.17 Larry had experienced a serious operation and had acquired great respect for doctors, especially his Uncle Joe. I proceeded to tell Larry how all the worthwhile things he was doing would help prepare him to perform the work of a doctor.

Several months later, I asked him again what he would like to do when he grew up. This time he said he wanted to be an airline pilot. Changing the goal was fine, so I proceeded to explain how his various activities would help him achieve this goal. Almost as an afterthought, I said, “Larry, last time we talked you wanted to become a doctor. What has changed your mind?” He answered, “I think being a doctor would be good, but I have noticed that Uncle Joe works on Saturday mornings, and I wouldn’t want to miss Saturday morning cartoons.” ("Fear Not... In Me Your Joy Is Full" D&C 101:36, Elder Quentin L. Cook)

I have come to realize that I need to reevaluate my goals, and see what I'm doing to achieve that... for the benefit of others... especially my family. 

I know that God has restored His gospel by calling on Joseph Smith to be a prophet. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God. The Book of Mormon is true. I know that we have a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, to lead and guide us in these latter-days. I know that God loves His children so very much. There's evidence of it as we study His word, understand it and apply it in our lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


- Elder Santeco ☀🌮

Oh BTW. I'm moving to Udon. :) อุดรธานี!!! I hope I'll be able to pick up on the อีสาน language quickly. :)

We went to the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm again! :D

Switch off the A.P.s! Elder Lindley. He finishes his mission tomorrow. It was an honor to be his last switch off. :)

My second stick of deodorant. Is it weird that I made one stick last for 9 months? Hahaha. It's just too expensive.

Sister Cucumber passed her interview this past week. She will get baptized this Sunday! Although I may not be able to baptize her, or see her get baptized... I am so happy for them. I have great hopes for this family. :)

Just because I like kitties.

We stacked our chairs according to how many transfers we have left. :)

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