Sunday, June 18, 2017

Thailand Week 69: Udon

Life is SO GOOD.

I am in Udon with Elder Dugquem! We are actually from the same MTC group, so it's really fun being able to unite once again and actually get to work together! He is half Thai and Filipino, but is born and raised in California. These past couple days, we did a lot of planning and working with the members. It really sets us up being able to focus on our callings and be united in achieving many things with the branch. Missionary work is so much fun. I have come to realized that the amount of time that we plan is such a small sacrifice to have an effective day, month, year, etc. I think I have a greater understanding about the importance of having goals/plans. :) Everything in missionary work has real life application! Or better yet, this is real life!

I am really excited. This transfer will be fun. :)

This past week, the Lord was so good to us. Ever since I came in on Thursday... we were EVERYWHERE. This is the most Elder Dugquem and I have ever had in a while! I love the members. I love the desire, the fire, and unity that they have here. I hope that I may be help to the branch/district during my stay here. :)

I know that Heavenly Father loves us. He has given us so much. He loves us so much that He allows us to change, grow, becoming more like Him according to our desires. He loves us so much that He allowed Jesus Christ, His Beloved son, to come to this Earth to be our Savior and Redeemer, so that we can have that joy as we change. As a Representative of Jesus Christ, I can promise that there is always hope as we look to the Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I am happy. :) LOVE YOU ALL!

- Elder Santeco

Happy Father's Day! I love my daddy. He's the most humble, faithful, loyal, hard-working, loving, humorous papa that I have ever had. He's always sensitive to the spirit. He is always serving others. He is always looking out for us, thanks to the GPS app that we have on our phones... he's able to do that! Haha. He is a stud. He has taught me how to value our families. Regardless of the mistakes and errors that we, his children, may have made... it warms my heart to see that he still loves us. He inspires to me to grow, trust in the Lord, and to always look outwards. Ignacio B. Santeco is the best father that I could ever ask for. I love you Daddy! I am proud to be your son. :)

- Elder Santeco

Happy Father's Day to Uncle PJ and Tj! :) You are lucky to have a responsibility to be a father and be an influence in everyone's lives. You both too constantly inspire me to do better. Love you all!

Elder Latimer. Hahahhahahhaha

Last week's P-day... we went Ice skating and rode some animals around. I'm skating! :D It was scary.

It was worth the 50 baht.


Elder Mckay... with the Punohou shirt that Elder Ellis left here in Udon... Elder Ellis went home last week. :)

I had the missionaries in Bangna take a lot of pictures for me. :)

Sister Izumi got baptized as well! She was an investigator that the Sister missionaries picked up from english. She is AWESOME. She was ready ever since we met her. :) She is still always bringing friends to church every week. :D

Sister Dangwa is amazingggggg... :D

Brother DangMo! :D 

Sister Ma Lae! I love this family so much! :) I will always remember them!

Don't have much pictures of myself. Sorry. I keep forgetting to take pictures.
This is Sister Nimrak. She is a boss missionary. We went with the sisters handing off our investigators to them. It was a fun day riding with แม่ ติ๋ว (Relief Society President) in her three wheeled car. Her daughter sister เตย is currently preparing to be a missionary. She's also a boss. Sister Newton just finished being a greenie and is amazing! Udon is going to be great.

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