Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 7: MTC

An elder gave me "boxed water". It looks cool. Hahah. Don't mind my hair. The picture was taken this morning... and I fixed it up later on. Hehe :)

Hi family,
It has been quite a week. Whew.
I feel like I haven't improved much this week nay paasaa thay. But it's still going. Now that it's coming to the final 2 weeks of being here at the MTC, I'm really pushing myself to grow spiritually and learn the language. :) Don't worry, I am not going to stress myself out. Heheh. I thought I had a lot to say but... I forgot. 

Ma. I'm excited for the Thailand Temple Dedication. I am looking forward to that day. :) Oh and I'll try look for Conrado Valdez... and have a charged camera. Is Elijah Javier from Aikahi Elementary? Whooohooo! It excites me to see everyone serving a mission. :) If you want to share a scripture with him for me, share D&C 4. Thank you! :)

Don't have a lot of time... so I'll share anything. Haha.

Ummm. I have been doing several new things since last week. AWESOME new things.

1. READ READ READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, from beginning to end. I'm pretty committed to finishing the Book of Mormon before I leave! How crazy is that! I did the math and I supposed to read at least 35 pages a day... So far I have done like 15 a day. Hahah. Currently in 2 Nephi 23. Even though I may not finish it at the MTC, I'm definitely am going to finish it in pratheed thay. 

2. A scripture quote each day! in paasaa thay! :) Basically I pick a favorite scripture of the day from the English Book of Mormon, find the verse from phrakamphi Mormon nay paasaa thay. Then write it many times throughout the day! If I don't know what a word means, I'll look it up and add it to my journal. But yeah, I would write whenever there's free time (eating, waiting for companion, studying) and eventually, at the end of the day... I would be able to read, write and speak the specific verse. It helps me take the scripture to the heart as well. :)

3. A quote journal. Elder Lovelock started his quote journal and when I read through it, I just had to start my own. It consist of inspiring quotes from devotional, general conference, meetings, lessons, etc. It's really awesome. :) At the end of the day, I would like to review the quotes and be inspirited to do better the next day! :D

I can't think of what you should send to me... I should actually start sending some of my things back. I'm thinking of sending home my broken scriptures as well. I know that it's heavy, but I won't be able to use it when I go to Thailand. I hope that it's not that expensive to ship back home. Let me know what you guys think. 

I love you guys. After this past week with General Conference and Devotional with Vocal Point (BYU Capella group... They're awesome!), I am really glad to have you guys. The joy that dwells within our family been my motivation to do this work. Dad, I want to thank you for being worthy of the Priesthood, and for giving us blessings. My desire to be worthy to be a worthy Husband/Father and Melchizedek Priesthood holder has grown greatly. :) Mom, thank you for supporting Dad. Thank you for being the example and teaching us how to be kind and loving. Your gentleness and kindness helps me to always look at the positive things of others. Family... thank you for everything. This is why I am here. I personally cherish, the laughter, the smiles, the happiness in our family that makes me want to share the gospel. The gospel of Love. I am glad to have a testimony that I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are also my family, and I am glad to be doing work for them. They have done so much for me and my family, has given us blessings, so how could I not want to help them? Phom rag khobkhura khoong phom maag maag. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUUUUU!!! "and I mean it.. from the bottom of my heart..." :)

Photo is Elder Lovelock's drawing of the day. :) Hahhaha.

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