Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thailand Week 76: Udon

God loves you!
We dead. Waiting for our bus... which leaves at 10:45 pm. Haha
This past week took a great toll on our bodies. We had an amazing MLC in Bangkok. But we traveled to Bangkok and back, on a bus. We traveled down to Bangkok on a bus because Elder Lovelock wasn't informed to get his passport from the Office. Then we had to travel back up to Udon by bus because there were no available tickets the day off. We were both physically worn out. Haha.
Just after we got back from MLC, we had a full day of work and finished the night off with some steak. It was a restaurant that sells a steak for 39 baht ($1.30ish), and Elder Lovelock decided to give it a shot. I didn't eat any because I already had food at home (Chicken with that AMAZING kalbi marination sauce from home. Thanks mom). The following day, Elder Lovelock was throwing up and having stomach problems. We then went to the Hosptial and was stuck there for most of the day. Towards the evening we headed home. During that time at home, I was able to clean. I like cleaning. Haha. Elder Lovelock has gotten better now, and is able to have a regular diet now. Lesson: Be sure aware of what you're going to eat.
Sister Jane got baptized yesterday! It was an amazing baptismal service. So spiritual. It touched me as Sister Jane cried just before she entered the waters. I love baptism. It is a blessing to be able to see Sister Jane go through the, repenting, and growing. I know that she felt at peace knowing that she is able to make this covenant with her Father in Heaven.
Elder Lovelock and I have been talking a bit on how we could improve our first lessons/inviting. We came to the conclusion of helping others understand who God, our Heavenly Father is before we talk about Jesus Christ. Reason being is that there is a lot of Christianity churches around, and so when people hear that we teach about Jesus Christ they would usually assume that our message is the same as everyone else's. Sadly, resulting with many unwilling people to even try to learn of our message. But since we have changed our strategy, we were blessed with lots of success these last couple of days by helping people realize the nature of God and then the necessity of having a Savior, Jesus Christ.
I know that God is our literal Father in Heaven. He loves you.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
With all my love,
Elder Santeco
Elder Lovelock hurt me. Hahaha. But I forgave him.

Elder Lovelock at the hospital.
I felt so bad for him.


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